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About us


Passionate about people, energy, water and healing, my wife and I created SARL NATURE in 2013 to work in line with our values and ethics.

We have created a place to live at La Mine d'Or, in an exceptional setting of peace, serenity and harmony, on the banks of a river, in the Gard, 500 meters from the Ardèche. We welcome our guests in unusual lodgings (yurt, caravan, tree house) and charming rooms.

In this same dynamic, we have enriched our activities in 2017 by accompanying project holders in helping them create their own business so that they can make their dreams come true.

At the same time, we have turned our attention to providing advice on well-being through phytotherapy, essential oils and gemmotherapy, offering high-quality products, the vast majority of which are organic.

Then Nathalie offers Ayurvedic massages.

For my part, I accompany people who are lacking in energy, health, joy and success towards their transformation, enabling them to regain their vitality and improve their health while achieving the joy and success they seek!

Having had serious health problems and been unable to regain my energy for several years, and having always been aware of the importance of water (and very disappointed by other water fountains I've tried...), I decided to buy the Mélusine fountain following a report. 

Two months after drinking its soft, pure, living, low-mineralized water every day, I've regained my energy, vitality and better health!

This fountain is the only one, to my knowledge, to have these therapeutic virtues...

In addition to biocompatible water production systems for individuals (also suitable for use in SPAs or chlorine-free swimming pools), companies (bakeries, pizzerias, breweries, spirulina producers, etc.) and municipalities (quotations on request for filtration, dynamization up to 15,000 people). 

I also offer ecological and economical anti-scale treatments, which do not require any maintenance or addition of salt and discharge into nature, as well as other accessories and environmentally friendly solutions.

To make known these products, whose properties are in adequacy with my values, is one of my actions to improve the well-being of the greatest number while respecting our splendid planet. 

I consider it my life mission, my way of contributing to a better world. 


Extract from the conference of Dr. Guy Londechamp who spoke at the "Medicine of Sense" conference

"In our DNA, 97% of our genes are not used to make proteins but to communicate and feel.
It is in this 97% of DNA that our identity is found.

Water is considered a liquid crystal just like our DNA.

Water is extremely sensitive to everything that will influence our environment. There are things we don't care about that will have subtle consequences.

There is an interaction between consciousness, mind, thought and the structural organization of water molecules. The most beautiful picture of the water crystal representation we can get is the one generated by the thought of love and gratitude.
When we get a structuring of the water molecule with beautiful crystals, instead of having an amorphous water comparable to glass, we get a crystalline water comparable to crystal.
The difference between glass and crystal/quartz is that crystal/quartz allows ultraviolet light to pass through while glass does not. Our cells communicate in the ultraviolet.

When you have amorphous water because it is overloaded with information, you have very important losses of intercellular communications.

If you know how to restore an organization in water by restructuring it, you restore a molecular organization that is that of a superconductor that is able to store and transmit information everywhere.

Nature works silently and it works a lot with mathematics and geometry. Our physiology is organized from a very specific geometry.

The waves and frequencies that pass through our body continuously shape the water in our body and shape our consciousness at the same time.

Water is considered a quantum medium, meaning that all its parts are interconnected every second.
As for the principle of individual responsibility, we are all responsible for our inner water and we are all responsible for our balance.

When we take care of ourselves with awareness and develop a particular coherence in our life, the way we act on our inner water with our thoughts, with our benevolence, with the love we deploy, it has an effect on the whole world through the water and through the consciousness itself.