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Carbonit Quadro 120 centralized filtration
+ its 4 cartridges

Quadro 120

A customized centralized filtration system can also be offered. This solution offers the added advantage of extending the life of your piping.

I propose to accompany you to find a solution of filtration and dynamization of the water to measure for your house, a building, or even a group of dwellings (free estimate).

More details

This device is a central filtration system that filters the water at the entrance of the house. It is installed after the water meter to supply the entire house.

Carbonit's Quadro 120 technology features a 4-cartridge parallel filter system. The Quadro 120 centralized filtration system is suitable for a domestic water supply with a high flow rate.

The Quadro 120 is made of stainless steel for the most demanding users. Exceptional quality finish combined with high performance (4 cartridge parallel circuit unit). The WFP Premium removes chlorine, organic compounds and particles.

Carbonit is a recognized leader in water filtration.

✓ environmentally friendly
✓ economical
✓ complete
✓ easy to install
✓ easy cartridge change
✓ healthy and good for the skin

Technical specifications

* The retention rates shown are for the flow rate at 4 bar. In case the actual pressure or flow rate is lower, the contact time between water and activated carbon becomes longer. Therefore the actual retention rates tend to be higher than indicated here.


Filter unit (W x H x D): Quadro 120: 310 x 980 x 240

Dry / wet weight: Quadro 120: approx. 25 kg / 40 kg

Attention: A free space above and below

Changing the filter: Quadro 120: approx. 500 mm each