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The fountains

A wide range of fountains

I offer a wide range of fountains to meet everyone's needs, from individual kitchens to
local authorities, including day care centers, spas, hotels and restaurants, sports and health centers (naturopathy, thalassotherapy, etc.)

Whatever their size, the fountains I install benefit from the combination of four levels of water treatment: extreme purification, patented Bio-dynamization® technology, information through Light & Sound® and water saturation with trace elements.

The fountains benefit from Aqua Dyn Auroville's proven quality and will last you for many years.

Fountains for individuals

Aquarius Fountains

The Jalamo Fountain

The Aqua Dyn Auroville team has designed the Jalamo fountain to allow everyone to have easy access to living, bio-dynamic® water on a daily basis, without the problem of clutter or the need for space.

100% stainless, it will stand the test of time.

The Jalamo fountain is very easy to connect to the water. It can be connected directly to your faucet thanks to the "plug and play" system, to a water supply (dishwasher or washing machine faucet) or directly under your sink.

Thus, you can use it in any type of environment (kitchen, office, nursery, restaurant, etc.)

Its compact design and ease of connection are real assets for people who are on the move and want to have access to living water everywhere. The Jalamo fountain will follow you on vacation, on business trips, in your motor home, caravan or other.

The technology used in the Jalamo fountain allows you to fill a one-liter bottle with pure, living water in 30 seconds. There is no need for a bulky tank or to store water.

Filter life 6 years (at 4.5 liters of filtered water consumed per day)

La fontaine Mélusine 5D

Nouveau modèle pour les 30 ans d’Aqua Dyn Auroville

The Mélusine fountain transforms water into pure, living water comparable to mountain spring water.

The water from the Mélusine fountain is free of chlorine and chemical pollutants. It is low in mineral content and its very high frequency vibrations make this water more easily assimilated.

It preserves our full potential of well-being, health and vitality thanks to a better cellular hydration and optimization of our biological functions.

This technology is now internationally patented.

The Melusine fountain is a model designed for families or medium-sized communities.

Thanks to a reverse osmosis system and its unique Bio-dynamization® and Light and Sound® information process, the Mélusine fountain can supply 16 to 20 liters per hour of pure, living water.

Fountains for professionals

Living Water Fountain Mytaé

The Mytae Fountain

The Mytaé fountain was designed for professionals or companies.

Made of stainless steel, the Mytaé fountain perfectly meets the needs of professionals. Compact and efficient, it will be your asset over time.

Its sober and pure aestheticism allows it to adapt to any type of environment. The central bubbler of the Mytaé fountain gives it a perfect symmetry, making it a decorative and pleasant object to look at.

Equipped with a double reverse osmosis filtration system, the Mytaé fountain is capable of producing 65 liters of living water per hour.

The sturdiness of the fountain makes it suitable for professional work environments requiring powerful and robust equipment. Thus, you will be able to benefit from live water at any time, without slowing down your work rhythm, while increasing the quality of your products.

The Mytaé 2RO fountain is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and produces 65 liters of living water per hour. Thanks to its two taps, using water is quick and practical. It will be an asset for professionals in the restaurant industry, wellness centers, training centers or even reception areas.

The Mytaé 1RO fountain is particularly suitable for bakers, cooks or growers. It can be installed anywhere, freeing up space on your worktops so you can have access to live water at all times.

The water from the Mytaé fountain is structured, alive and biocompatible with the body, a major health benefit.

The Clara Fountain

Enjoy the living, purified and bio-dynamic water of the Clara Fountain 24 hours a day in complete safety.

With its elegant and sober design, its high flow rate and its cooling technology, the Clara fountain is perfect for all shops, sports centers, refectories, shopping malls, companies etc.

With the Clara fountain, you ensure your customers a high quality water.

BIO-DYNAMIZER® technology provides extreme filtration to remove viruses, chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, drug residues and excess dissolved solids to ensure your water is perfectly pure.