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About Orion Technologies

When it comes to water treatment, there's still a lot of work to be done to implement the most environmentally-friendly solutions possible in both open and closed (heating-type) systems.

ORION Technologies has therefore set itself the goal of providing new technical solutions capable of meeting ecological and environmental imperatives in three main areas:

- Limescale treatment
- sludge treatment in closed systems (heating, chilled water circuits, etc.).

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The ultimate solution to say goodbye to limescale!

Say goodbye to the hassle of limescale and corrosion with Phi limescale and scale remover. This revolutionary solution is both effective and environmentally friendly, allowing you to eliminate costly and polluting chemical interventions.

Outstanding efficiency, whatever your installation system.

Look no further, we've found THE solution for you!

Phi de-sludger

Discover the secret to impeccable heating and air-conditioning systems: natural water treatment with the Phi demister!

This revolutionary system protects and cleans your system efficiently and sustainably. No more sludge clogging your pipes, thanks to the Phi de-sludger you can say goodbye to costly chemical treatments and extra maintenance.

The Phi de-silter offers permanent and definitive results, for optimum performance of your heating and cooling system. Don't let water problems spoil your comfort, opt for natural treatment with Phi descaler!