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The generator and its solar panel

The Gravity 756 and its solar panel

The Gravity 756 is a high-capacity portable battery that offers high AC and DC power to power all your devices. 

It operates without noise or fuel consumption, just like an ordinary generator.

It has a universal power outlet for worldwide compatibility with all devices requiring less than 300W. The 220V 300W AC output allows you to power devices that cannot be charged via USB ports, such as laptops, drones, coolers, etc.

The Gravity 756 is the perfect choice for high power and capacity while keeping the weight and budget down.

Ideal for all types of use

The Gravity 756 is the perfect companion for your motorized trips, thanks to its ability to generate solar energy.

With this high-capacity portable battery, you can power all your AC and DC devices without worrying about noise or fuel.

No need to bother with noisy and polluting generators, the Gravity 756 is the ecological and silent solution for your energy needs on the go.

With the GRAVITY 756, you can stay connected and productive anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with USB-A and USB-C outputs, it allows you to efficiently charge your mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops with USB-C charging ports. But it doesn't stop there, its dual 220V - 800W AC output allows you to power more power-hungry devices like laptops, drones, coolers and more.

With a universal power outlet, it is compatible worldwide with any device requiring less than 800W. All packed in a high capacity 756 Wh (204,000 mAh) battery, capable of producing 800W for over 50 minutes without interruption.

The Gravity 756 is a lightweight portable solar power generator, weighing only 8.6 kg.

It has a 12V output socket to power various devices such as air compressors.

It has a built-in 1W flashlight for convenient lighting.

This generator is easy to carry by hand or to store in a vehicle.

The Gravity 756 solar power generator is a perfect choice for powering your devices on the go.

It can be recharged using a wall outlet or solar panels such as the Sunslice Fusion 100 or 150 models. This portable battery offers high power and a large capacity of 756 Wh (204'000 mAh) for a reasonable weight and cost.

Whether you're going on an expedition, using drones, using power tools outdoors, or working quietly in your garden, the Gravity 756 is a great choice.

Important information: The Gravity 756 has a capacity of 756 Wh (204,000 mAh), which means that it is not allowed in the aircraft cabin.